1st Assignment – Digital Video Foundations

August 8, 2008 at 5:49 am (Uncategorized)

We watched “Enter Zombie King” and “Brick” in our lectures and tutorials. It is really interesting comparing two low-budget productions and noticing a large gap in quality and wathcing-friendlyness.  I would like to note a few differences by investigating the films through the five main stages in the production process:

  1. the development:
    – script: is more believable and more interest-rising in Brick
    – screenplay: is definitely more sofisticated in Brick regarding the quality of the dialogues, the definiton of the character attitudes and the overall style
  2. pre-production:
    – choosing the location: Brickhad defintely better locations than Zombie King although Zombie Kind included also night shoots which are more expensive, but it didn’t achieve the goal 
    – storyboard and shooting list: the whole structure of the scenes and the organisation of the dialogues of the actors and of the location was of much superior level in Brick
  3. production:
    – camera work: in this point the two films distinguish each other so obvious even for non professionals; the Zombie King had a kind of home video style always taking view of the whole situation and changing view after finished speeches or dialogues; whereas Brick had a much more professional camera taking, they showed different persons and situations from different angles and they changed the views fluently
    – dialogue + acting: there is no compare; Zombie King had actors that where kind of reading down from a paper, not fluent at all, horribly pausing, the pronounciation and the stress were poorly; in comparison to Brick which had high quality in their dialogues and nice acting work
    – shooting style & organisation of location: the best take of the a situation in a certain location in Zombie King was worst than the worst one in Brick
    – audio & sound: in Brick it was movie-like and the audio was well adopted to the scenes whereas in Zombie King it was not that great, as mentioned above more like a homevideo
    – lights & colours: in Brick the light and the colours let it seem real and believable; in Zombie King it was more poor
  4. Post-production:
    – choosing shots: superior in Brick
    – background music & music effects: they were very well suited to the scenes and to the sense that the visual expressed; Zombie King: didn’t like it at all
  5. Distribution
    I think that both films are not available in shops. Perhaps people pay for looking Brick, but they would rather not pay for Zombie King.

MY OPINION: I found it very interesting to watch Brick after Zombie King to better notice the huge gap in quality and to better recognize what it is that I don’t like in one and pretty much like in the other. I quite liked Brick and I found Zombie King quite funny, but I need to admit that I would not pay for none of them to watch them at home. 

First of all I like the theme and the story. Furthermore I liked the acting of Tom Cruise and his heroical behaving. I found it fantastic how scenes, actors, theme, dialogue, music, locations and simply the overall style build a perfect frame for an awesome film. In the last scene these last Samurai die with so much pride and honour and it is greatly supported by the background music. Loved it!


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