3rd Assignment

September 5, 2008 at 3:56 am (Uncategorized)

The film I watched is called „Awake“. The story focuses on a man who suffers “Anesthetic Awareness”, an occurrence where during surgery the patient did not get appropriate anesthetic medication for his body weight and finds himself awake and aware, and paralyzed during heart surgery. The movie plays in a fast-moving city in the United States and it’s about a rich guy named Clay who is engaged secretly to his mother’s secretary called Sam. Their passionate love story is hidden specially from his widow mother because he belongs to a very rich and wealthy family with high-social status. Still the young couple seems perfectly happy in their relationship. As Clay has health problems he goes to Dr. Jack Harper for his health checkup who is a great friend of him and on whom he relies more than on any other expert. Jack had to give him the bad news that he urgently needs heart transplantation. Despite his mother urges Clay to be operated by a specialist in that field, but he strongly believes in his doctor who already had saved his life previously. Clay prepares himself for the day of the operation by spending time with his gorgeous girlfriend. It’s the night before the operation and Sam appears under his house complaining about their relationship being a secret. It’s heavily raining and out of a sudden he asks her to marry him. They get married in the same night.


Operation Day! Before he enters the operation theatre his mother tried to make him change his decision and to get operated by an expert because she is not convinced of his friend’s medical ability. After they gave him the anesthesia they began operating and didn’t realize that he is not completely unconscious. His brain was still working although he had no control on his body. He tried to communicate that he is still awake, but he couldn’t. While the operation started he tried to divert on the amazing moments passed with Sam and focus his thoughts on her not to witness the operation itself, but he failed.


Plot Point One: Compelled to listen to the doctor’s talks he finds out that a complot is going on against him. Jack who he thought being his friend with his allies injected his new heart with poison to kill him and make it seem as his body rejected the new heart. Another allied member was his newly-married wife. Since from the very beginning the main plan after finding out that he is extremely rich, unmarried and in need of a heart transplantation was to get Dr. Harper trustworthy to him as a doctor, Sam who in fact was in a relationship with Jack getting married to Clay, killing him during this difficult intervention and let it seem like an accident. Consequently Sam would inherit his huge possessions which would be shared by everyone involved in this assault.


Clay tried to communicate in any way possible to anyone helping him, but he couldn’t because his body was under anesthesia and just his mind was awake. The story then moved to women waiting outside the operation theatre: his mother and Sam. Clay’s mother had the strange feeling that something was wrong and was heavily under physical stress. Sam told her about the marriage and tried to get accepted by her.


Plot Point Two: However his mother uncovered this complot, only too late after Dr. Harper had already injected the new heart with poison and transplanted the ill heart. Still Clay was alive because he was attached to machines that kept him alive for a short period of time. The problem was that there was no supplementary heart available at that particular time due to his rare blood group. Clay’s mother called the expert who she wanted to operate her son to save his son. While waiting for his arrival she decided to kill herself with tablets so that her heart could be used to be transplanted for saving Clay’s life.


Successful ending! The specialist saved the Clay’s life by giving him his mother’s heart and called the police to arrest everyone who was in involved in that crime. After the successful transplantation the specialist declared, “He is awake!”


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