5th Assignment

September 5, 2008 at 5:09 am (Uncategorized)

Here is the Link to the SCRIPT of WESTWORLD (it is so long that I saw no point putting the whole on the blog)!


  • it’s very detailed – I think if I would not know the film I could immagine the scenes easily
  • -> which is the aim of a Script
  • I found the SLUG LINES at the beginning of each scene
  • FIRST PLOT POINT: After the visitors of the holiday resort gota little bit sceptical, the manager of the resort get aware that they don’t have full power of the robots, but they do not shut down the resort because it would cause uncertainty and scepsis among possible clients – economic reasons.
    First evidence: when two main actors sit in the desert and one gets bitten by a snake.
  • SECOND PLOT POINT: one of the main characters get shot by a highly development and technological “super” robot and consequently the other one tries to escape this gunslinger who breaks loose from the restrictions of being a robot in that theme park to wreak vengeance on the humans who have used him – played by the famous actor: Yule Brynner. All the visitors are dead and the managers are closed in their office – technological breakdown of the entire system.
  • Actors: Yule Brynner (gunslinger), Richard Benjamin and James Brolin (visitors, 2 main characters)
  • Director: Michael Crichton
  • Year of Production: 1973
  • found this film very interesting especially considering the year of production – I mean at that time it was a different technological era; because in those years they didn’t have this technological support like nowadays they expressed themselves on other levels of communication: acting, sound, dark&bright, camera following, perspective of filming the personalities, breaks and silence, ecc.
  • I liked the film and I think it’s still watchable cause the arguments treated are topical even today or especially today -> in days in which we rely incredibly much on technology and are in a kind of extrem dependence of it

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