8th Assignment

October 3, 2008 at 4:38 am (Uncategorized)


In reference to the film „Commando“ and the theory about „Lighting“ I made the following observations:

§         they may have used professional equipment such as “redhead” and “tota” lights

§         lighting technique:
Three-Point-Lighting Setup
è which means that they used 3 lights:

1.    key light: put it in front of the subject at a 45 degree angle looking down little
reason: light the subject

2.    fill light: is a redhead light which is put in front of a reflector to diffuse the light more
reason: soften shadows

3.    back light: also called “hair light” which is situated behind and above the subject
reason: help distinguish subject from its background

sub-technique: low-key lighting or high-contrast lighting which throws contours on the subject and prevents distraction – or ‘mood lighting’ because it evokes a certain emotion or mood
example: when Arnie gets to know that his daughter is kidnapped, there’s short sequence showing just his face backed-up with an angry exclamation

§         they were surely not in need of the “Lifeline Light Kit” as they had enough budget for the most expensive equipment used for the production

§         typical example of an action movie with all the action scenes during night or in dark locations – to make less evident errors and mistakes

§         in all dark scenes they nicely followed the source of illumination example: when the two main characters went to the airplane fabric to search for his daughter, they were standing outside the building and the scene was illuminated by a lantern fixed on the house which was not visible on the camera perspective



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